3D Inspection System subscribers were recently notified that the general base rate for software subscription plan rates will be increasing soon, but that we made arrangements so existing subscribers could completely avoid the increase now and in the future by simply making sure they either renew their software subscription plan prior to its expiration date each year, or by signing up for automatic renewal.

In prior years the auto-renew option was quite popular but had to be discontinued due to some accounting system changes, to the chagrin of many. 3D Inspection Systems is happy to be able to reinstitute the auto-renew option, as a foolproof way for users to lock-in a lower subscription rate, and to preclude inspectors from receiving extra renewal-related correspondence in the future or them possibly overlooking renewal notices accidentally and losing subscription privileges.

Since the subscription rate increase takes effect September 1, 2011, if you are not a current subscriber and are still using an older version of the software, you also have a limited opportunity to upgrade and obtain a subscription to be able to also benefit from a lower locked-in rate.
If you are using an older version, or have multiple licenses, please contact the sales dept. at 800-745-6126 to upgrade. Others are also welcome to contact sales directly with any questions or to upgrade if they prefer.

Subscribers also will be able to use newer apps that require Cloud3D Services (free to subscribers), including the mobile apps.

Learn more about other general software subscription plan benefits here: http://www.3dinspection.com/the-benefits-of-the-optional-subscription-plan.html

As always, if you have any questions about upgrading, our sales staff at 800-745-6126 will be glad to help.