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  • Business is booming. I decided we should by new laptops and put the version 12 on the new computers. We get al ...Read More >>
    Jim Nolan
    Home Inspections by Nolan
  • Thanks, everything working fine... Cloud is awesome. ...Read More >>
    Chris Graber
    Chris Home Inspection
  • The service I really received was excellent, I will always use 3d services and will highly recommend them to e ...Read More >>
    Damon Stevenson
    Stevenson's Home Inspections
  • Gives me the ability to customize my reports for each client! ...Read More >>
    Karl Ledig
    Reliance Home Inspection
  • It provides me with professional reports without a lot of extra effort. ...Read More >>
    John Lasswell
    Lasswell Home Inspection, LLC
  • Thank you for the fast response. I should be ok next time I have to change computers ...Read More >>
    Chris Fahey
    Suncoast Building Inspections
  • My online help was very helpful, Online technician was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this help to some ...Read More >>
    Ernie Tate
    TCS Home Inspections
  • Thanks as always for answering my out-of-the-box questions! ...Read More >>
    Nicholas Petrie
    Smart Move Home Inspection Services
  • It is great to be able to receive support quickly. Please keep this great service up. We depend on it! You guy ...Read More >>
    Mark Ladner
    North Branch Inc
  • Thanks for the quick reply. You were right on. BTW, this is only the second time I have had to contact the 3 ...Read More >>
    Peter Bennett
    Bennett Marine Services
  • As always you guys are awesome and have answered my questions precisely. I am running version 12 on my machine ...Read More >>
    Thomas Perez
    Vista Inspection Services, LLC
  • Very helpful, very courteous... I am very satisfied with your service and appreciate it. ...Read More >>
    Tony Berardinucci
  • Thank you ALL for being there! In today's high tech world, corporate American giants often resort to finger po ...Read More >>
    S. Chaim Resnick
    Advantage Home & Property Inspections
  • Thank you for all your help and the program is working much faster and easier on the new computer. A joy to wo ...Read More >>
    Judy Hardy
    Pro-Check Building Services
  • Upgrades on software are great... Thank you. ...Read More >>
    Donn Singleton
    Healthy Home Inspections
  • The professional technical support I received from [support] was tremendous... superior skills, abilities, and ...Read More >>
    Terry Barker
    Eagle Home Inspection & Consultant Service
  • [Tech]...is always straight back to me, happy to help and has a positive outlook in her communication ...Read More >>
    Dale Kennedy
    Alpha Building Services Pty Ltd
  • Amazing technical support and service. Your help... is greatly appreciated ...Read More >>
    Rich Lyng
  • Thank you for being so nice and helpful. You fixed my problem very quickly and also answered other questions ...Read More >>
    Stan Koch
    Rapid Home Inspection
  • As usual, the best support ever. Thanks for your dedication and knowledge. ...Read More >>
    Warren Tomek
    Five Star Inspection Services, LLC
  • Fantastic as always. Thirteen years of inspecting and counting and always been there for me. Thank you very ...Read More >>
    Dolly Lemay
    Keystone Home Inspections
  • Excellent help with everything! Screen sharing made it so much more helpful. Thank you for everything. ...Read More >>
    Marc Trunz
  • The woman on the phone was very kind, helpful, and nice. She was very quick to email me a needed link to help ...Read More >>
    Matthew Beutman
    Horizon Inspection Service
  • The information was very informative and what I needed! The operator was very polite and patient with me throu ...Read More >>
    Istvan Zsako
    Zsako Home Inspections
  • I would say that my experience was a 10 from 1-10. Ten being the highest. I was very pleased with her phone ma ...Read More >>
    Scott Moran
    Peoples Choice Home Inspection Service
  • You are a gift from the heavens! Your suggestions fixed everything! Warmest regards. ...Read More >>
    Tonya Conway
    HomePro Inspections
  • The information I received was very helpful. The service I received was by far the most polite, prompt, and in ...Read More >>
    Robert Woodman
    R2 Residential Inspections
  • Solved my problem. Especially since it was a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend! Nicely done. I appreci ...Read More >>
    John R. Gulick, AMS
    Gulick Associates Inc
  • "I normally use the forum to find answers to my tech questions, but this time I had an emergency and needed in ...Read More >>
    Fred & Celia Minix
    Naples Home Inspectors, Inc
  • I can't say enough about the help I received. You guys were great... Thank you again, I didn't expect to hear ...Read More >>
    Ken Boyd
    A Boyd's Eye View Property Inspection
  • I wanted to thank you for all of your help over the past few days. It has really made a big difference for us. ...Read More >>
    Pete Ciliberto, Certified Inspector
    Real Estate Inspections
  • Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. The staff has always been there when I need them. I really enj ...Read More >>
    Ray Kershaw
    A-1 Home Inspection
  • I received great service considering it was during the holidays. The technical team was extremely helpful and ...Read More >>
    David Waeschle
    Cactus Coastie Home Inspection, LLC
  • I just want to thank [Tech] for putting up with me, she was very helpful, very courteous and a pleasure to dea ...Read More >>
    Capt. Richard Warren
    Chesapeake Marine Surveyors
  • Again thank you for all your prompt assistance and solutions. Like I always say 'if your not inspecting in 3D ...Read More >>
    John Trigiani
    House Inspection Group
  • "I Love You... Just so you know, I have 4 Inspection reports I am testing. They are Home Inspector pro, Palm P ...Read More >>
    Ed Randall
    Springdale Homes & Designs
  • Thanks again you guys really do have great customer service and technical expertise! ...Read More >>
    Scott Hunt
    Seaside Home Inspection
  • Thank you so much for your assistance! This product is by far better than any other on the market. Blessings. ...Read More >>
    Russell Edwards
    Lanier Property Inspections
  • "It turned out to be a Windows problem. Big surprise. As usual you were quick to respond and helpful. You are ...Read More >>
    Greg Marell
    Marell Inspection Services, Inc
  • John, Terry and I are very satisfied with the service received. We very much appreciate your hard work.... Tha ...Read More >>
    Kathy Boire
    Team Engineering
  • Thank you for your help. considering I am on the other side of the world the query was answered promptly with ...Read More >>
    Clinton Taylor
    Aussie Pest Control
  • Thank you for your great help and super service. You guys are the best! If it weren't for you guys, I would be ...Read More >>
    Jack Wingo
    Advanced Home Inspections
  • [Over] 9000 inspection on 3d! We are so proud of our little company and the 3D system was perfect for us to ma ...Read More >>
    Karen Dempsey
    Precision Inspection Services, Inc
  • I purchased software from Home Inspector Pro but after using the 3D software want to switch since 3D's softwar ...Read More >>
    Jamie Hayden
    Bulldog Home Inspection LLC
  • I am greatly relieved and very thankful for the excellent tech support I receive from you folks at 3D. You're ...Read More >>
    Kenneth Epp
    Mountain View Home Inspections, Inc.
  • You are amazing! You know, once you do a process it is so easy and is a wonder that I could not figure it out ...Read More >>
    Herman Venable
    Double Check Inspections, LLC
  • Once again I can't thank you enough. I bought my 3D Inspection program in 2007 and have been more than happy w ...Read More >>
    Bob Snow
    Ebb Tide Marine Services
  • You guys and gals always help out when I seem to have DUH MOMENTS! ...Read More >>
    Gary Rightsell
    Right Home Inspections
  • 3D...what else can I say; excellent. I want to thank you all for the outstanding support I have "always" recei ...Read More >>
    Ralph E Havener Jr
    Haveners Home Inspections
  • "I wanted to send you a note to say I really appreciate 3D's tech support... always quick to respond with clea ...Read More >>
    Rick Yerger
    Building Specs
  • Thank you again i am not computer savvy and appreciate your help and support. ...Read More >>
    Kevin Romano
    Cairns Pre purchase Building Reports and Pest Services
  • Great service... Excellent service! As usual! I will tell that all was taken care of in the manner I have com ...Read More >>
    Emory Shover
    Eastern Marine Services, LLC
  • I'm not a techie guy and you guys were awesome Thanks ...Read More >>
    Lee Llewellyn
    CIS Inspection
  • I rarely have an issue with my 3D software, but when I do, you guys always seem to have a quick fix... You are ...Read More >>
    Mike Morrissey
    Inspect-It 1st Saint Louis
  • Let's start by saying I love my 3D. It makes my working life so efficient.... As always the customer service a ...Read More >>
    George Gallup
    Gallup Yacht Surveying
  • Service from 3D is always beyond what I expect, and my expectations are high since I come from a background of ...Read More >>
    Donald Johnston
    Qualified Inspections, Inc.
  • You folks do a great job in responding to the needs of your customers. Please keep up the good work! ...Read More >>
    Kit Wright, Owner
    Homes by Cynthia
  • Have been using the 3D system for quite some time now. Soup to nuts in two hrs complete, comprehensive, in ess ...Read More >>
    Reinier Van Der Herp
    RV Marine Surveying & Consulting
  • Using 3D stands me out from the crowd, which I know makes my competition stew. My Clients are thrilled with a ...Read More >>
    Lou Prinzi
    First Choice Building Inspections, Inc
  • Using 3D software is the best thing I have done for my business, I’m a marine surveyor, the marine equivalen ...Read More >>
    Brian Stetler
    Stetler Marine Surveys
  • My motto is 'I try to be the best in my field.' To be the best and try to out-distance my competition I do sev ...Read More >>
    Robert Bedford
    Bedford Home Inspection
  • As a yacht surveyor, I obviously have enjoyed the part of my job on the boat, on a nice day at the waterfront ...Read More >>
    Peter J Spang
    Turnstone Marine Survey, LLC
  • "In 2000, one year into starting my home inspection business, I was performing 2-3 inspections per day, stayin ...Read More >>
    Raney Oven
    Southern Home Consultants, Inc.
  • I have seen several examples of inspection reports from different vendors and none of them can compare to the ...Read More >>
    Jeff Leighton
    Inspect-It 1st Property Inspection
  • We had a very high profile client who had us inspect twenty-three of their shopping centers. Their inspection ...Read More >>
    Chuck Lambert
    Sunrise Inspection Services
  • We have been using the 3D Inspection program since version 5 came out, and our business has gone from strength ...Read More >>
    Graeme and Linda Gillbanks
    Gillbanks Building
  • You’re only as good as you[r] last inspection! Real quality inspections are distinguished by one element, EF ...Read More >>
    Chris Pante
    Nova Home Inspections and Developments
  • 3D makes it easy for me to change my forms as new information about the inspection field becomes available. ...Read More >>
    Joe Cook
    House Call Home Inspection
  • Realtors and buyers like the fact that I am able to deliver reports on the job site or email them later. I hav ...Read More >>
    Tom Bannister
    Certified Inspection, Inc.
  • Speeds up the process of report writing. Basic forms got me off to a fast start. ...Read More >>
    Doug Thornton
    All Safe Inspections, LLC.
  • Without it my inspection process would be hampered by the forms designed by others instead of my own creativit ...Read More >>
    Michael Leavitt
    Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc.
  • I do all my inspections on 3D. Realtors and clients are very happy with the report. ...Read More >>
    Robert Hopkin
    Pro-Tec Inspection Services
  • By clicking on check boxes, I can insert a lot of text easily. ...Read More >>
    Ken Winter
    American Eagle Home Inspections, LLC
  • My ability to customize the report layout has made the look of my report better than most inspectors (even tho ...Read More >>
    John Hutchins
    Inspections by John Hutchins
  • It allows me to present a complete package to my client...... comment with relevant photos alongside, index an ...Read More >>
    Wyman Weinbeck
    Details, Inc.
  • 3D has helped set my business apart from the others... My clients like not having to decipher someone's handwr ...Read More >>
    Michael Holmes
    Holmes Inspections, LLC
  • Give me the capability of putting a professional report together with out being a word software expert. ...Read More >>
    Scott Bray
    JSB, Inc.
  • Would be hard to do inspection report without it. ...Read More >>
    Luis Perez
    LRP Engineering, Inc.
  • It helps me to produce a quality professional report that makes me look good to the customer. ...Read More >>
    Dean Gifford
    Gifford Home Inspections, LLC
  • My clients love the reports and it's easy to understand what's going on in the inspection. ...Read More >>
    Le Roy J. Cameron, Jr.
    Premier Home and Building Inspections, LLC
  • The finished reports are professional looking, easy to follow and we have had many compliments from buyers reg ...Read More >>
    Jim Webster
    American Home Inspection Services
  • It's user friendly and the final product is impressive to clients. ...Read More >>
    Lisa Case
    Case Inspection Services, Inc.
  • Great report features with easy modification. My clients are constantly commenting on my ''great looking'' rep ...Read More >>
    Daniel Broughton II
    Daniel's Home Inspections, LLC.
  • ...very attractive report, easy to use by inspectors ...Read More >>
    John Rahm
  • It provides me with professional reports without a lot of extra effort. ...Read More >>
    John Lasswell
    Lasswell Home Inspection, LLC
  • Gives me the ability to customize my reports for each client. ...Read More >>
    Karl Ledig
    Reliance Home Inspection
  • I do appreciate your timely responses and how you do everything you can to help me resolve any issues that ari ...Read More >>
    John Battaglia
    At Ease Home Inspections
  • I am so impressed with the power of this program... I am blown away at how I can make it do what I want. ...Read More >>
    Charlie Gutridge
    Gutridge Inspections