Have you ever wondered how the company Logo feature works?  How do you set it up or adjust it?

If you are using content provided by 3D Inspection Systems, you may have set up your Logo during the initial setup wizard, or specified it later from the program Preferences, Logo tab. And it automatically printed in your report headers or other areas.

How does the Logo know how and where to import your image? May you import it into other documents you use? How do you adjust the size of the printed image? Here’s what you need to know to set up or adjust documents to use the automatic logo feature.

How the Logo feature works
The Logo tab in program Preferences is used to select a graphic of your general company logo.  We recommend any such graphic be tightly cropped so you don't have excess white space.  For convenience, a special Logo field is used to automatically import it into your document, similar to other merge fields. That way the layout of standard documents can be easily set up ahead of time, and a logo easily selected or changed at any time for all areas where used.  The logo itself is merged at final print or preview time.

To make the logo import into your cover or another document, you just need to include the Logo field in your document where you want it to import.

Tip: It is usually easier to adjust your logo formatting, or place other text, perhaps company information, alongside it if you insert the merge field into a table cell.  When including your logo field in a header or footer area, it must be included within a table cell in order to import and expand properly at print time.

How to set up the logo field in a document
  • Edit your master document. For example, to edit the header/footer document used by reports, use File > Page Setup to access your print layout and click Customize for the Header/Footer document.
  • In the document, position your cursor where you want the logo to be included. If it should appear in a header or footer area for example, use the Insert menu to access the appropriate area.
  • Add or adjust the logo field as desired (see detailed steps below, as appropriate)
  • Save and Exit the document when done. Your master document template is now set up for use with all future reports.

This example shows a header area set up to automatically merge the company logo at the left, company and report information in the center, and page number at the right. A table is used to include all parts both sets of information alongside each other.

How to set up a logo field where not already present

  • If you do not already have a logo field set up, you'll want to first insert a table. Use Table > Insert Table to create a table. If you wish the logo image to be centered on the page with nothing alongside it, you could insert a 1x1 table. But if you wish to include job or other information alongside the picture, then include additional columns for that information. Note: The table cell frame will not print unless you choose to make them visible by adjusting the table format. Usually there is no need to do so.
  • Click into the table cell where you want the logo to appear.
  • Click Insert > Company Logo.

How to adjust the logo field

  • If the logo field is already set up in a table, then you may adjust the number in the [LOGO:1] code to the width in inches that you wish the photo to print. For instance, 1 will import the image at 1 inches wide. 2.5 would import it at 2.5” wide.
  • The final image will only insert up to the width the table cell allows, so you may also wish to drag the table cell larger or smaller to accommodate the width you desire.
  • You may also format the Logo field for relative position  within the table cell. For instance, if you want the final image centered, click center paragraph in the toolbar.
  • Be mindful that when the image is actually imported, the height of the image will automatically push any information following or beneath the code automatically, so you don't usually need to include any extra space below the field. The document will adjust automatically.
How to select or change your company Logo that merges
  • Use program Preferences, Logo tab (see help for information about accessing logo options in your version).
  • Click Browse.
  • Navigate your hard drive to locate and import your image. A preview of the selected image appears in the window.
  • When you print or preview, your logo is automatically included wherever you have the logo field included in your document attachments.

See also the video in online section of your HelpDesk for more information about using the logo merge field.