My contract (or SOPs, cover letter, etc.) is in Word format. How can I easily convert or transfer the document information into a native 3D format document for easy merging and attachment to my 3D Inspection System reports?

If the document is in a standard Word .doc or .docx format, and you have a Standard or Premier edition of 3D Inspection System software:

  • Use the Actions pane to switch to the Word Processor area of the program.
  • In Word Processor, click File > Open Document.
  • In the windows file dialog window, change the type of file to Word Documents (*.docx) or (*.doc), or Rich Text (*.rtf) as appropriate for the kind of item you wish to open.
  • Navigate to and open the desired file of that type.
  • Now that the document is in the 3D Word Processor, click click File > Save As.
  • Type the filename you wish to use for the document in your 3D software and click Save, to save it as a regular .W3d format document that 3D can natively use with 3D special features.
  • Now that your document is in a 3D format, you may wish to use the Insert menu to include merge fields from Office Management or other items in the document so it can automatically import such data for your various jobs.
  • When done customizing your new master document, use File > Close to exit the Word Processor area.
  • You may then wish to use Customize My Documents to add a new action for quickly attaching the document to your inspection on demand.

If you don't have the advanced Word Processor option (available only in Standard/Premier editions) to create new documents, then you may use an included action to edit or modify an existing document master, and then copy and paste text from another program like Word into it:

  • To copy text from a document open in another program, highlight the desired text and press CTRL+C to copy it to the windows clipboard.
  • Switch to the 3D Inspection System software and use the appropriate Action to edit the master document you wish to modify.
  • While editing the document in 3D, position your cursor where you wish to include the information and press CTRL+V to paste.

For any items or documents you don't need to use natively in 3D with its special features, you also have the ability of including files in other formats along with inspections you email.