Your clients are serious about their investments and after they require repairs to be made based on your main summary items, they want a re-inspection to make sure that the repairs are done correctly. Make an easy extra hundred bucks or so to recheck the items, and create your reinspection document based on your original summary.

Just create a reinspection letter or document in 3D that includes the same summary merge fields that you used in your summary document. For example, if you're using a Standard or Premier edition, you might use the Word Processor to edit one of the Reinspection letters that came with your software and replace the "Insert Items Here" wording with the appropriate summary merge fields (Insert > Summary Area). Save and exit the document master when done. Now you're ready to use your new document for reinspections.

Note: If you're using a special Focus edition with the Word Processor, you may need to edit one of the included documents or extra documents on the Actions pane to use as a reinspection document.  Then create your document standard wording and insert the summary merge field where desired.

Now for your existing job, just attach the reinspection document to the report, and it will merge the summary items in.  (See also article about one way to attach additional items here)  Now you may either delete the items that have been fixed if you're only listing items from the original summary that were not repaired properly, or add your notations of which items have been fixed or other notes to the document. Email or print/PDF as needed. Since the reinspection was attached to the existing report, it also stays neatly filed as an attachment inside the report file.

  Bonus Formatting Tip: If you'd like to include new reinspection notes in a column at the side your original summary items, you could insert a two-column table in your reinspection master document where you want the summary information to merge. Then insert the summary merge field in one column of the table. That way the items merge into one column, leaving the other column available for your item status notations or progress report made during the reinspection.