You may wish to add a series of industry acronyms, abbreviations, or other special inspection terms to your custom dictionary file so they are not flagged by the spell checker.  Or if you accidentally added an incorrect word to your custom dictionary, you may wish to remove it.

To edit your auxiliary custom spell check dictionary to add or remove words:

  • In the Report Writer area of the software, click Spell Check > Preferences
  • Click Set Spell Check options button
  • In the Spelling options window that appears, click User Dictionary.
  • Use the options available to add or remove words from your auxiliary dictionary file.
  • Click OK when done to save your changes.
  • You may also make other adjustments to the way the spell checker work.
  • When finished, click OK to return to Preferences

Note: After making changes to spell preferences, some options may not take effect until you restart the software or reload your report or document.