In a Word Processor document, to properly place normally inserted graphics alongside text, you should use a table.

Thus the image may be inserted in one column and text in the other.

  • While editing in the document editor, use Insert > Table.
  • Specify the number of columns desired.  For example, you might insert a simple 2 column, 1 row table. The table lines themselves won't print unless you specifically set them to using Format > Table.
  • Drag the table divider to size the table cells as desired to accommodate the side by side items.
  • Enter or paste your text as desired in one table cell.
  • In the other table cell, include your image or images.  The image will only expand to the width of the table cell.

You may include images several ways:

  • Company Logo: In the table cell where you want your logo, click Insert > Company Logo to include the logo merge field. Adjust the number in the field to the width in inches that you wish the logo to import.  Use Preferences in report writer to select your logo graphic.  Note that using the logo feature generally results in a higher quality image than direct insertion.  Also selecting a logo graphic file already sized to the maximum actual size you would print it also usually improves quality and memory usage.  See related videos about including a Logo.
  • Cover Image: In the table cell where you want your logo, click Insert > Cover Image to include the cover image merge field. Adjust the number in the field for the width in inches that you wish the image to import.  See related article about using Cover Images.
  • Other images: Use Insert Image icon in the toolbar to include your image, specifying the width you want it and import.  You may also resize the image within the table cell using the mouse.