Office Management is your job information secretary, provided to collect contacts like clients and agents, and inspection site information associated with booking your jobs.

Office Management is designed to eliminate double-entry, so client and job information can automatically merge into inspection report headers, footers, cover pages, and other attachments like summaries and contracts.  Enter it once, merge it elsewhere automatically!


This is achieved by including merge fields as placeholder values in your master document templates so they automatically import the correct information for each Office Management job.  What if you want to automatically do this for the body of your report also, to merge your job information into specific report fields?  Office Management fields may be used there as well.


To set up a particular inspection field in your report to include Office Management information:

  1. While an inspection is open in Report Writer, tap in the desired inspection field where you want job information to merge from Office Management.
  2. Tap Add in the Narratives menu pane to add a new selection for the field.
  3. Enter an abbreviation (i.e. Imported Info)
  4. Tap into the narrative text area and use Insert > Office Management Field.
  5. Select the desired field item you wish to import from the menu and tap OK.  For instance, to import name information for a contact, open the contact table and then choose the desired field and tap OK; for main job information like the inspection site address information access the main table for those fields.
  6. Use Insert > Office Management Field again if you wish to include information from other fields in that particular report item.  Name and address information is usually entered into separate fields in Office Management so that you may choose which parts of the information and the order to import them into various inspection items.  For example, you may wish to import a client first & last name fields, or the inspection street address, city, state & zip code fields in various places.
  7. Like other narratives, if you want the item to automatically select and import itself whenever you start new reports, turn on the "default" box to set the item as an automatic default.
  8. If desired, regular text may be typed in the narrative text area before or after imported fields.  That could be done to import information into the middle of a sentence.
  9. When the desired merge fields are imported into the text and formatted as desired (the merge fields themselves will replace with the actual job information when selected), tap OK to add your new item to the menu.

Example of Office Management fields in menu text


To import the information from linked Office Management job information into the current report, select your new narrative menu item.


If you have other fields where you also wish to import Office management information, repeat the above for those fields as well.


Later on when you exit the software, you will be automatically prompted to compile the forms to update them for starting new future inspections so they contain your new menu items.  Prior existing reports would not be affected. Only new reports are affected by new changes compiled into the forms.


More information about using Office Management to start and access inspection reports is found in the program HelpDesk on your program side pane. Check out related online help videos as well as Getting Started guide tips.