Online scheduler ISN (Inspection Support Network ) can export select information or "footprints" from scheduled jobs and their contacts to 3D Inspection System Office Management.

Users may then create inspection reports using 3D Inspection System software without having to reenter the basic job information. 3D Inspection Systems is not affiliated with third-party options, nor receives any account information from them. 3D Inspection Systems does not collect or re-distribute any of your private inspection information, however information directly entered into ISN maybe handled differently by them in accordance with their own privacy polices or other integrations.

To setup your ISN integration for importing into 3D:

  • In Office Management choose Maintain > Office Management Preferences.
  • Select Integrations tab.
  • Set Online Schedule System to ISN.
  • Use Online Scheduler Settings to enter your Company Key and Access keys supplied or generated by ISN. TIP: If you change credentials or generate new access keys in ISN, you will need to enter the updated info in 3D for it to continue working (this will often solve a failure to connect or authenticate)
  • Tick "Import Jobs For All Inspectors" for normal usage on the company master computer or networked workstation. Note: If instead you want inspectors to individually import their jobs into separate computers and database, you must obtain Branch licensing from 3D. Please contact sales for details. Attempting to import jobs for separate inspectors using computers in separate locations is otherwise a EULA violation and may also result in technical difficulties.
  • Decide whether you want jobs that are adjusted or rescheduled ISN after originally importing into 3D to re-import their changes, and select that option accordingly. Note that changing a "Report Number" in ISN (AKA Job Name in 3D) could break connections to "existing" inspection report files already created. TIP: One may adjust the Report Number (Job Name) that imports from ISN to ensure it will always be unique and not include information that may change. See
    It is not generally recommended to use as the actual Job Name data that might need correcting or change later or that may not be unique if used for future jobs, for instance an address or client name which may need a spelling fix or repeat inspections, or date in case a job is rescheduled later. An arbitrary unique consecutive number may be ideal. Remember the other details can automatically be imported into their appropriate fields for your job.
  • Match contacts and custom fields ISN has provided to import into 3D Contacts and Job Details custom fields. Listed are the only additional fields ISN allows 3D to import. For each, use the menu to optionally specify the 3D item or field in Office Management where the information they export should import in 3D. (Note: Premier edition users may also customized their contact and custom fields labels used in 3D.) If you do not specify contacts and fields into which to import information, then only the job name (Report Number), site address, and invoice information would import from ISN footprints.
  • Tap OK when done to save your Settings for ISN.
  • Tap OK to save your Office Management Preferences.


To import jobs from ISN:

  • After initial setup, an "Import" button will appear in the Office Management toolbar. Tap Import whenever desired to ask ISN for new "footprints" for scheduled jobs to add to Office Management.

When 3D connects to ISN, ISN only sends the active footprints to 3D, which contains IDs for the jobs and other info. See
If there are no "footprints" in ISN to import, then it cannot import anything and may indicate "No jobs to import". If there is a communication issue or incorrectly entered credentials, other errors could occur.

The very first time you import it may take a little longer since ISN will send other contacts and information so you may be prompted to match up inspectors assigned to ISN jobs to inspectors entered in 3D, or match other contacts or to add them. Later it would usually prompt about new contacts related to the jobs being imported and not those previously matched.

If you have trouble with ISN not importing anything at all or an error:

  • Verify your company key and access keys are correct. Or generate new ones and copy and paste them into 3D. Make sure owner/admin rights credentials are used in 3D if the box is checked to import for all inspectors. Verify you can log directly into ISN using the exact credentials entered 3D (perhaps those paste from 3D) and then check the list of footprints set to export.
  • Use Inspections > My Footprints on ISN to verify the jobs are listed there as footprints set to be exported (Yes, not No). If there are no new footprints to be imported, 3D won't see anything to import, since ISN's interface won't have sent any.
  • If one still gets a message that a Job already exists during an import, there might be more than one job for the inspector for the day and the report name assigned in ISN may not be unique or assigned using just date and inspector. One may in ISN adjust a "report number" for a specific job and resave, or permanently adjust how Report Names are formatted, perhaps adding %AI% value to increase the number (address or client names are not recommended in case those need correction or reinspection)
  • Tech support may be able to assist further if a screen shot of any message and your interface settings in 3D and ISN footprints list are sent along with a ticket.