When you start mobile reports from your Office Management job, this insures it will later link properly with the final converted report, as well as allows you to pre-merge various Office Management job information into your mobile report, so that it is viewable in your report on your device.  Mobile reports should always be uploaded and retrieved into the same master Office Management database from which they were created.

To pre-merge and create a mobile inspection report file:

  • Select the job from your home Office Management that has your inspection job information entered.  When you select the job, a preview of its information appears in the right pane.  Available activities for starting or creating new inspections are also shown there.
  • Choose "Create and Upload Mobile Inspection"
  • Select the desired Job Name and inspection forms to use and click OK.
  • Login to upload to cloud storage.
  • If your report forms have any defaulted narratives containing Office Management fields, those automatically merge into the report at its creation.
  • You may wish to pre-start any other mobile reports similarly using the above steps for other jobs on the same day.  Or you may start such reports at booking time if that is more convenient.

 On your mobile device:

  • In 3D Mobile Inspector app with Cloud3D Services, login to your cloud account on your device, and Download the desired report(s) to work on them. (Tip: Tap inspection on the server and choose to Download so it appears on the device).  If you uploaded the report after viewing the inspection list on mobile, drag and pull your finger on the listing to refresh.
  • Open the report and collect your inspection or survey information.  When done, exit to the inspection listing.
  • Upload it back to the cloud by tapping the inspection and choosing to Upload.
  • On your main computer, display your job in Office Management and Retrieve Mobile Inspection to convert your mobile report back into your program, automatically properly linked to your job.

See also our prior tips article about how to Import Office Management details into inspections