Report content including your form name labels, headings, subheadings, and comment narrative text might ordinarily just print until the margin break and then continue wherever it happens to break onto a new page, since that's how page margins work. However it would usually be undesirable to have an item label or heading print at the bottom of a page, with its related comment printing completely on a new separate page. How can one solve that to prevent the label and comment from being orphaned or widowed?

The New Page Threshold option is used to set a minimum vertical space that must remain before the bottom margin before the element prints. It is used to make Headings, Subheadings, and other elements print on the following page if the remaining space at the bottom of the page falls below the New Page Threshold.

New Page Threshold can be used to prevent elements like forms from starting lower than desired on a page, or to make sure there is enough room to include a group of related elements so labels and comments are not separated on different pages.

Note: Elements refer to the different tabs in Report Writer page settings. Elements are Form, Heading, Rating Header, Subheading/Rated Subheading & Narrative Text, Diagram, Imported Text, Image Section, Findings/Recommendations, Form Reference, Form Footer.

To change New Page Threshold Settings open a report in 3D Report Writer. Then select File>page setup.


A new window will open. This is the Inspection Page Setup window. Each tab other than the general tab is referred to as an element and each element has its own page settings. Select the Heading tab.


Currently my New Page Threshold for Heading is set to 0.25. This only allows for a 1/4 inch of space that must remain before printing the item. When previewing my report the Waste Lines/Sink Drains Heading printed at the bottom of a page by itself, with its subheading Laundry printing of the following page. This means I need more space to account for printing both a new heading and its subheading and at least part of a comment together should a heading fall near the very bottom of any page.


I'm going to change the New Page Threshold for Heading to 1 inch.


That way before printing any heading, the software will check that there's at least 1 inch of space remaining before the bottom margin. That will allow room for a heading, subheading, and some comments to print together if there's at least an inch of space remaining. And if there isn't an inch of space remaining before the bottom margin, it will move that entire heading to the new page. This keeps my labels from ending up alone at the bottom of a page.


In addition to the previous example you may want to setup New Page Thresholds for Subheadings, Rated Subheadings, Finding/Recommendation labels, and other elements. The actual appropriate New Page Threshold settings to use will vary depending on the font and spacing of elements and your specific needs. You may never get it exactly perfect, but it can be a great tool to make your report look better.

Note: Subheadings and Rated Subheadings have separate New Page Threshold settings. You may want to adjust either or both depending on the layout and spacing used by each type of subheading, since they could be formatted differently.

Note: When a New Page Threshold is set for subheadings and images are included left, right, or above comments, then the height of the image +025" (if larger than the New Page Threshold) will be used as the New Page Threshold for that item to make it less likely to separate from the subheading.