3D Supplemental Network License (1)

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Manufacturer: 3D Inspection Systems
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This license entitles you to install the 3D Inspection System on one (1) additional PC IF you already own a supported version of the 3D Inspection System. Intended for use with one master database. Ideal for adding a workstation to your network.
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This license entitles you to install the 3D Inspection System edition you already have on one (1) ADDITIONAL PC. If you already own a supported version of the 3D Inspection System, the purchase of this license will enable you to legally install 3D Inspection System on an additional computer for use with reports created from the master database.  In addition, the number of free phone support incidents reset during each subscription renewal or upgrade is increased to match the number of total seat licenses.
If you do not already own the 3D Inspection System, you would need to purchase it first before adding additional licenses, or contact sale about bulk licensing.

If you do not already have a supported version, you would need to upgrade to a supported version before adding additional licenses, or do so at the same time.

Note that future renewals of your subscription plan will also increase by $100 to cover the additional license seat.  As mentioned, you also gain an additional free live support incident as well.   Please contacting sales with the names and emails of your authorized users to facilitate them making easy use of support when/if needed, or including the information in Comments when you place your order.

If you need independent usage of a license, do not purchase this license, but instead purchase a Branch license for that type of work flow.


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