Have you wondered about the differences between the three main program editions available from 3D Inspection Systems, and which one is most appropriate for your needs?

Standard Edition
Premier Edition
Focus Editions with various included content

The primary difference between the standard 3D Inspection System and the 3D Inspection System Premier edition is that the Premier adds an interactive visual calendar style scheduler as well as integration with Quickbooks accounting, and works better for multi-inspector firms.  The Premier version also contains an expanded version of Office Management with more customizable fields and options for data collection and sales reports.  Learn more about Premier

Both editions include a full-featured Custom Form Studio utility, a selection of residential forms to get you started, and a full Word Processor area that may be used to create your own new documents for use along with inspections, or for stand-alone use.  Both come with a year of free updates (called the subscription plan) and Mobile software for field use on tablets and phones. These packages are ideal for inspectors who are seasoned veterans and know how they want their reports organized, or who are new to the industry but want a powerful and extremely flexible package.

The Focus edition, as its name implies, "focuses" on ready-made setups already designed specifically for a particular geographic area or industry.  These products provide specific forms and content to get your inspection business started more easily in that area or expertise.  The forms and content included in each Focus edition was designed specifically by those professionals who themselves successfully use what they've designed in their own businesses, and have polished the content over a period of time.  They in turn provide their product to benefit others who would like to use their tried and tested way of inspecting and reporting.

Focus is ideal for the single inspector who may not have used software in the past and is looking for a value packaged solution with content already tailored by other professionals who share a similar reporting philosophy.  Advanced program options that are not usually needed by a single inspector are not included so as to keep the program easier to use and uncluttered.  Thus the inspector can stay focused on the task at hand by using the setup provided right out of the box, without having to worry about creating new necessary wording or documents.   However Focus products do include the Custom Form Studio utility for changing and customizing the included narratives and forms, and to create or add entirely new forms should the need arise.  Focus products also include a one year subscription plan and Mobile options.

If you believe a Focus edition is right for you, please check with the respective product vendors about their particular inspection reporting philosophy, the content they've included in their products, and how they have it set up to work.  A focus product is a great way to get started, but may also be upgraded later to other editions like Premier should an inspector wish to expand program features without losing or changing any of the existing "focused" content, perhaps as their business grows or expands to a multi-inspector firm. 

For any pre-sales software feature related question, feel free to contact 3D Inspection System sales staff, and they will be happy to assist.  Also, check out our edition feature comparison chart here.