I have an inspection on the same property that I inspected two weeks ago. Is there a way to merge the old inspection into the new inspection and create and upload a mobile inspection to use on the jobsite?
  • Re: Re-use prior report for same address

    by » 2 years ago

    Hello, Daniel. It appears a separate ticket on the subject was already answered in more detail.  For the benefit of others, it may depend on the specific scenario and edition type one is using, but there are options.

    Normally once a mobile file is retrieved back into the regular computer, it turns into a regular final complete inspection file which doesn't go back to the cloud.  However it may be  possible to send a secondary report to mobile to collect additional or alternate information, and then later merge the findings together (in Premier or Standard editions).

    Or one could simply use a laptop running the desktop program to copy the original file for the new job name and then modify it as needed for the repeat inspection. See https://3dinspection.com/en/discussion-forum/10049-office-management/445-re-use-prior-report-for-repeat-property-inspection

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