Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8

Category: Mobile Apps & Cloud3D 7 years ago
I am currently using S5 for 3D Phone and has worked perfectly, phone needs to be upgraded, any users out there using S7 or S8? Any input appreciated, thanks so much
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    by » 7 years ago

    Hello Ron,


    As long as the device meets the requirements found at the following link then it should work fine with phone3D.


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    by » 6 years ago

    Both the S7 and S8 worked very well with the Phone3D app. The real difference is the upgrade in the camera and the quality of the photo in low light situations. The S8+ and Note8 are an improvement with each generation. Dark attics can be made clear by adjusting white balance through the 3D app, focusing on the darkest region and using the flash. Of course the built-in camera app allows for adjustment of all settings. It can be used and then the photo imported. I haven't tried the S9 yet.  But you will see a significant improvement over the S5 for image quality, stabilization, low-light and the flash itself. Colors are richer and deeper. You won't need the camera set to a hight quality since Phone3D will not use it. It will lower the quality anyway so it can be more easily uploaded and processed. 

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