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Have you ever wondered how the Cover Image tab in the lower pane of the report writer works? If you are using content provided by 3D Inspection Systems, you normally just use the Cover Image tab in the lower pane of your inspection to quickly select a nice overall picture of the property you are inspecting. And it automatically prints on your report cover page.

How does the cover page know how and where to import your image? May you import it into other documents you use? How do you adjust the size of the printed image? Here’s what you need to know to set up or adjust documents to use the automatic cover image feature.

In an understandable attempt to eliminate annoying spam, over-zealous email filters can inadvertently dump emails you want to receive, including newsletter subscription requests or important emails or replies you requested. Even 3D Inspection System users occasionally contact us saying they never received a recent software subscription or reply to a question or ticket. When subsequent resends or replies back are also dumped unceremoniously by their email, this compounds the problem of reaching them. How can you “whitelist” emails you want to receive?

From time to time you may wish to provide supplemental materials that are not specifically part of your actual inspection report or findings.  Perhaps manufacturer installation instructions, safety handouts, special diagrams, or government brochures available in PDF, Microsoft Word, or some other format. Or possibly a series of additional photos taken at the inspection property that you chose not to include within the report itself.

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How has COVID affected your inspection or marine survey business?

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