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Office Management is your job information secretary, provided to collect contacts like clients and agents, and inspection site information associated with booking your jobs.

Office Management is designed to eliminate double-entry, so client and job information can automatically merge into inspection report headers, footers, cover pages, and other attachments like summaries and contracts.  Enter it once, merge it elsewhere automatically!

After opening an inspection in the Report Writer, main “Form” sections are quickly accessed by clicking the corresponding buttons along the top. Headings and Subheadings in each form display along the left with comment fields to the right. Any unused items in a narrative inspection are automatically skipped at print time, so don’t worry about filling out any that don’t apply. Preview your inspection any time to see what will print. Various navigation tools help complete reports quickly:

The new mobile app "3D Mobile Inspector" has been released for Android, Apple, and Windows 10. See System Requirements under Products on the website for compatibility information.  Here's a summary of new and improved features.

In order to create new inspection reports, one must first add a new job to Office Management.  This can be done when the job is initially booked, prior to creating the inspection reports themselves.  Collecting and entering your job information such as the site address and client or other contacts associated with the job also provides an easy way to search for jobs later on, as well as automatically merge that information into inspections, contracts, and other documents.  It’s easy to add a new job.


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