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Duplicate contacts may be rare, since one may locate and attach a previously used contact whenever adding contacts to new jobs, for instance an agent whom you've worked with before.  Also one might deliberately need to create a separate contact for someone who shares the same name, but is a different person or contact.

However if contacts were imported from another source, came from a previously converted database, or somehow were added again accidentally, you may manage your contacts to combine any duplicates you notice of the same individual.  The combined contact will remain attached to the prior jobs.

Generally you’d want to include Office Management Fields in your master document templates used for each inspection so that your job and client information from Office Management can simply import or merge automatically into your attachments whenever needed.  Although most documents that come with your software would already be set to merge the most popular information, you may wish to adjust these documents or create new ones.

Your Job Details tab is handy for collecting other property information while booking your job.  Some popular fields are already set up when you initially install the software.  What if you don't use some of those or need others not present?  Or want to add selections to your fields.

Office Management is your job information secretary, provided to collect contacts like clients and agents, and inspection site information associated with booking your jobs.

Office Management is designed to eliminate double-entry, so client and job information can automatically merge into inspection report headers, footers, cover pages, and other attachments like summaries and contracts.  Enter it once, merge it elsewhere automatically!


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How has COVID affected your inspection or marine survey business?

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