If you are using ratings in your inspection report to highlight positive or negative aspects of the property being inspected, it's easy to use those ratings to automatically merge information into a final summary.

Watch this video to learn more.

Basic outline of steps:

  • In Report Writer, click File > Custom Form Studio to access that utility.
  • In Custom Form Studio, right-click desired form group and Modify Ratings,
  • Click the Summary tab.
  • Turn on "Use selected ratings to build the summary"
  • For each rating, assign a desired summary label. More than one rating may be assigned to the same summary area; different or no summary areas may be assigned.
  • Click OK to save and exit.
  • When prompted, compile your forms to update them.
  • Your next new reports created will now use your new Ratings for summary settings.

Tip: To turn summary options on or off for Ratings for an existing report, while in the Report Writer you may use Preferences > Modify Ratings.  Note that this also adjusts the settings for the form group, although you must first compile them to affect new inspections.

If you do not currently use ratings in your inspection forms but would like to set them up or adjust them, see our article "Adjusting or setting up ratings check boxes in your reports"