If you use a typical arbitrary Job Name, then it shouldn't matter what the Job Name is, as long as it is unique.  After all, one can easily search for any job by its address or client regardless of the job name, and that information can easily be merged into reports and documents automatically anyway.  However sometimes inspectors use their own special coding or Job Names for one purpose or another.

It's best to make sure your job name is as desired before using it for reports, and before adding invoice items.  That being said, if you have used some kind of name that needs adjusting later, you may make a copy of the existing report to the new name and then re-link that to an adjusted job in Office Management.

1. First use the job to open the original inspection.

2. Once the original report is open, use File > Save as in the report writer to save it to a new name.  Note the exact new name you use for the report.  Then File > Close to exit the report and return to Office Management.

3.  Now locate the original job in the list of inspections, select it and Edit.  Adjust the Job Name to match exactly your adjusted report name.  (Note that if you used an invoice item job name for the report, then you also may need to adjust each invoice item inspection name also to reflect your job name adjustment).  Save when done.

4. Select the job in the list and see if Open Inspection in the right pane launches the correct renamed copy of the inspection you've made.  Re-opening the report from here also links it to that job and passes the new information to the new report for later merging.

5. As long as the inspection was opened from the updated job in Office Management, it should merge automatically the updated info into the header, footer, or cover/index at print time.

However any merged information previously in the report body would still be there.  To correct any information that has already previously merged into a report itself, just adjust that information directly in the report (or remove and then re-select the narrative menu item that merge the job info in).  This normally wouldn't apply if you are using regular merge fields for specifically importing the normal address or client information for the job.

To correct any information that has already previously merged into an attached document, such as a summary, contract, or similar document, in the report writer click the lower Attachments pane to access the document you wish to adjust.  Right-click and Edit the document to modify it directly.  Or just right-click and Remove the document to delete it and then attach it fresh again using your Actions to re-merge it with the information in your current Office Management job.  Again this usually wouldn't apply to the scenario of merely correcting or adjusting a Job Name.

Note that after saving a report to a new name, you may wish to open your data folder under My Documents to discard the original report .r3d file to avoid clutter.

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