You may use subforms to share common elements of a room or item under each heading to handle "shared" form content and narrative comments.  That way when you make the change in the subform, it affects all headings that use it automatically when you compile.

As an example you might take a look at how the Residential Checkstyle forms one 3D's bonus download page and that normally come with 3D standard and premier editions.  Note how they are designed in Bathrooms.  You'll notice each bathroom is set up as one heading, with all the subheadings for the bath as subheadings in a subform used in all the places.  That way each bath location or area is a main heading, with all its particulars neatly falling under it.  This setup not only separates each bath areas distinctly on the final printout, but also lets you easily use the actual bathroom name as the Heading for each sections, rather than having to select the location each time.  And the content and narratives for the sections are automatically shared in common, making updating a snap.

You could also just set up a couple baths in the forms ready to go and then just copy more as needed by copying the single entire heading on the fly whenever needed.  How many bathroom areas do "most" of the homes you inspect generally have?  2 or 3?  If so, you could repeat the Heading and subform in the main form only that many times, just so those areas are already set up ready to go.  Use the typical heading labels for the actual bath areas.  If you need to Copy the Heading section for additional baths while inspecting, you enter the name for the new bath area as desired. There's no need to set up a huge amount of duplicated items in your forms, which could make report files needlessly large if you don't always usually use them.

You may find it helpful to brush up on Custom Form Studio features including subforms, by going through the Custom Form Studio Getting Started Guide tutorials in the main program HelpDesk.

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