3D Case Studies

Ron Pazzanese, a long-time ASHI inspector in the Boston and Eastern Long Island areas, narrates how he impressed a client by letting him watch him prepare his report using 3D Inspection System software. Ron got over 39 referral inspections as a result of this one job alone!  UPDATE: Sadly Ron is now passed away, but we want to leave his success story as part of his legacy.

John & Nancy Hill of Lynne Lake Home Inspections are located in the Wasilla, Alaska area that was recently made famous because of its former mayor Sarah Palin. They recount how an early home inspection home study course they felt was a disaster had a silver lining after all. UPDATE: John and Nancy have retired from the home inspection business.  Best wishes to you both!

David H. Wilson is proficient in all aspects of vessel operation and inspection, is factory certified by popular schools, and holds a 100-Ton Masters license. This expert serving the west coast of the USA and Canada in the Edmonds, Washington area tells how he uses 3D Inspection System software for his professional marine survey reports.  UPDATE: David successfully retired from marine survey.  Best wishes to you David!

Lawrence A. Muhammad was a home inspection instructor with a particularly strong background in geothermal energy systems. Lawrence augmented his inspection reports with a few standard features of the 3D Inspection System software in order to succeed in the weak Detroit Michigan market, at the time glutted with high unemployment and foreclosures. As a result, he no longer had to advertise to get his share of the market. UPDATE: Lawrence seems to have since retired from the home inspection business.  Best wishes to you Lawrence!

Larry Stamp AD, BS, RREI, has over 4000 inspections under his belt, is a published author and education instructor, and other credentials too many to mention. With a strong contracting and construction background, but limited computer experience, a personal "game of seconds" has helped him create top shelf reports that speak to the market, while preventing his success from dwindling away spare and leisure time.

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