3D Case Studies

Jeff Besgrove started out using NCR reports and quickly realized he had to computerize. After trying a Word-based system, he switched to Porter Valley. He soon discovered the Porter Valley software he had purchased was a "nightmare" for him. After advice from a knowledgeable local inspector, he obtained 3D Inspection System software instead, and now gets his reports done quickly and gets great referrals.

Peter Holzman, a Palm Springs, California area Certified CREIA Home Inspector, relates a dialog between himself and a local realtor in which the disparity between his reporting format and another local inspector became evident.

Ron Pazzanese, a long-time ASHI inspector in the Boston and Eastern Long Island areas, narrates how he impressed a client by letting him watch him prepare his report using 3D Inspection System software. Ron got over 39 referral inspections as a result of this one job alone!

John & Nancy Hill of Lynne Lake Home Inspections are located in the Wasilla, Alaska area that was recently made famous because of its former mayor Sarah Palin. They recount how an early home inspection home study course they felt was a disaster had a silver lining after all.

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How has COVID affected your inspection or marine survey business?

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