I need to clear storage from my phone. There is a large amount of data in the 3D app. What happens if I clear that data??
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    by » one year ago

    You may entirely clear out the app and all its data on a device by first uploading back to the cloud server any reports in progress on the device.  They will then temporarily indicate "Complete" status on the server.

    Once there are no reports containing data remaining on the device (only in the server listing) you may then remove the app which will remove all its app data and settings from the device.

    Next reinstall "3D Mobile Inspector" from the App Store, after which download any in-progress report again, which will set them back to "Working" status where you may resume using them.

    Note that your separate Photos or Gallery apps on your device might also contain separate copies of photos taken inside the app, which would not be removed or cleared by simply removing and adding the app back again.  Those may be periodically cleared or archived separately if desired to reclaim space on your device.

    Extra Tips:

    Note that as long a report is listed as "Completed" it may be either retrieved back to the master desktop computer, or retrieved back into a mobile device to continue working without issue (where it will then resume "working" status at that point). Sometimes inspectors will switch devices that way (for battery reasons or because a smaller or larger device works better for certain area like a roof or crawlspace vs. others) by uploading it from one device and then retrieving it into another, which is fine. The key is generally to make sure the report is shown as "completed" and not "working" since working means it's still on a device and that data should be sent back to the server first to avoid any overwriting possibilities.

    (That is of course NOT how to do team inspections though, as that requires different steps: https://3dinspection.com/en/tips-and-tricks/team-inspectors-using-the-mobile-app-to-collect-findings.html )

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    by » one year ago

    Thanks for the information, If I go into my settings on the phone and open the 3D app it show that I can delete data from there. Can I do that, or should I delete the app like you suggest? Mark

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    by » one year ago

    You could, but if it seems to be storing more data than it should, then I'd still recommend the first method as a later update of the app did fix an issue with it not always clearing data.  That way you'll know you have the latest.

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